Welcome to Explore the Beauty of the Mandelbrot Set

Make a journey through the undiscovered depths of the mandelbrot set. You will be rewarded by many surprising and unusual views of the mandelbrot set. This site provides access to more than 30,000 images with a magnification of up to 1e120 and an iteration depth of up to 1e9. You will therefore surely find new beauties you have never seen before.

This site provides a java based browsing tool that enables you to interactively dive into the depths of the mandelbrot set. Even with the processing power of today's PCs it is not possible to calculate the images on the fly (besides the trivial ones, depending on the iteration depths and the magification, some images took a month of calculation time). Therefore the browsing tool works on a database of precalculated images. Starting with the root image showing the whole mandelbrot set you can check for already calculated sub areas and zooming in using those areas.

If you are in a hurry and too impacient to explore the mandelbrot set on your own you can also use a shortcut. The galery provides an overview of interesting areas and allows you to directly start browsing at those areas deep in the border of the mandelbrot set.

The Mandelbrot Exporer as well as the galery are java applets that require the Java 6 plugin.

Have Fun
Uwe Krüger